Monday, January 23, 2012

Due to allergies Emergent Kissing

A kiss is done by the couple involving the exchange of fluids. These conditions trigger allergies, especially in people who do not have antibodies to specific allergens. To be aware that the occurrence of allergies due to a kiss.

The allergist said that brushing your teeth or waiting for a while after a meal can not prevent the occurrence of allergies in some people with known food allergies or medications.

"In some couples, it has sometimes saliva contains allergens despite still brush your teeth or waiting a few hours after eating," said Dr. Sami Bahna, an allergist, as quoted from MedIndia, Saturday (21/01/2012).

Dr. Bahna said allergic reactions that occur after the kiss is rare, usually caused by ignorance of the couple. When symptoms are present, including lips and throat swelling, rash, itching and wheezing.

The experts recommend to mutually open to each other, as well as for couples who have no allergies you should brush your teeth, rinse your mouth and avoid foods or allergens during the 16-24 hours before a kiss.

"However, in some cases these measures sometimes can not help. The important thing is to immediately consult a hospital if symptoms develop and give an explanation that he has an allergy to the treating doctor," said Dr. Bahna.

Dr. Bahna told such cases occur in men 30 years old who has peanut allergy experience anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) which can be life-threatening recurrent. He suffered a swollen lip and itching in the mouth when her boyfriend kissed her and know she ate nuts two hours earlier, although he had to brush my teeth, rinse and chewing gum.

Besides allergy experts also see cases of people who are allergic to chemicals in semen, lubricants, latex or even a pair of semen. Some people develop hives or wheezing due to chemicals released by the body while doing sexual interaction.

"For people who are allergic to the semen of a partner, I recommend using a condom or desensitization immunotherapy or allergy shots. But it can be overcome if known allergy triggers, so there is no suffering," said Dr. Bahna.

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