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Tips for Not Infected Flu

Who does not know the Flu? I'm sure almost everyone has experienced it. Many cases of flu that did not have to suffer just because of negligent or may not know how to prevent it. This should be prevented.

Do not joke about the flu. Especially for the elderly, the flu is generally more severe than if they happen to younger people. In addition because their immune system begins to decline due to old age, type of flu virus that enters the body is not necessarily the same.

There are three families of influenza virus types (types A, B, and C). Each type has so many members of his own family.
Temperament family members of each type of flu virus is also not the same degree of ferocity. Some are benign, others malignant extraordinary. Flu is common to attack the European population, for example, unlike in Indonesia, generally classified as a malignant type of flu virus, and often very deadly. Flu outbreak early twentieth century in Spain, swallowing hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Therefore, not all viruses, including influenza virus, no cure antinya, the ultimate key to preventing the flu virus is still there are only two ways, namely by enhancing the immune system and reduce the chances of the body invaded by a virus.

Below are some tips on how to flu threat in the rainy season is not until fall on us. What do I need done?

1. Use a flu vaccine.
For the elderly are encouraged to get flu shots during flu season to come. However, not all types of viruses can be resisted with the flu vaccine.

From time to time flu vaccine enhanced with the content of other types of vaccines by the type of flu virus that was causing the outbreak. However, in addition to different types of virus, not a rare occurrence emerging viral strains that escape the containment effort, so the various types and strains of flu viruses that exist. Not to mention the possibility of changing the nature of virus (mutations), so it becomes no longer a potent vaccine went.

2. Stay away from cold exposure.
Western people dub catch cold or flu as exposure to cold. Indeed, the longer and often the body which is too cold exposure (air, water bath, cooled space, drinks cold, wind), the weaker the resilience of the body, and increasingly vulnerable to easily attacked by a virus (anything).

We know, virus germs can only be countered by relying on endurance. If the resistance decreases, the body's defense will be breached, and flu or other viral diseases potentially going to infect. Only when the body's defenses are strong, the virus that has entered the body will be eliminated and people falling off the flu.

That's because for the body only be boarded by any flu virus, antibiotic drug, the most powerful ones, become redundant because the virus can not be suppressed by antibiotics and the generation of any kind. In addition futile to spend money on an unnecessary, the body already burdened by side effects antibiotikanya.

True influenza cases do not need to be given antibiotics. In Indonesia, the flu is generally considered a disease lightly. People still do the daily activities at work, school, and other outdoor activities.

Flu that had been inhabited only by the virus alone, due to the body in a state already weakened by a virus attack, other germs will easily come mendompleng enters the body, and new diseases emerge. That way, the flu in Indonesia are generally often prolonged, and can even be complicated.

Not infrequently the flu develop into another ENT infection (infection of the throat, esophagus, nose, or congekan), besides the possibility of riders who are infected by germs entering the lungs as well (bronchopneumonia, pneumonia).

It is also the reason why those who have the flu should stay home. In addition to potentially harm yourself, in a state outside the home flu will spread the virus into the air around the patient, especially if you are in the room (which is not designed well-ventilated enclosed) refrigerated.

3. Strengthen the body.
With rest and nutritious food is high during the rainy season, the body is strengthened resilience. In addition to warm the body (warm drinks, warm baths, ointments jerky), select the menu is also highly nutritious, particularly high berpotein (eggs, milk, meat), not enough vegetables mere menu (vegetable nodes).

Westerners are used to serve hot chicken soup for the body exposed in the cold. Avoid shower of rain, a gust of wind, was in the open air. Make us able to choose beverages body warmers (wedang ginger, bandrek, bajigur, or sekoteng), especially after a rain shower body, cold swim, beach tourism.

4. Avoid going to crowded places.
As the rainy season, and many people are sick with the flu, you should not go to crowded places if you do not need one. If you can wait should not visit the traditional markets, supermarkets, malls, movie theaters, terminals, stations, health center waiting rooms, hospitals, schools, party rooms. In crowded places, flu viruses, including other types of viruses, scattered in the air flying, and nasal air we breathe.

5. Reduce smoking and alcohol.
Both types of these substances has the potential to reduce endurance. Smoking "hurt" the mucous membranes of the airways, making the airways more prone to enter the virus. The room is smoky, weakening the condition of the airways of people who breathe it too (passive smoker).

6. Diligent wash hands with soap.
Our hands and fingers can be the source of the attached virus removal from the environment where we do activities, such as offices, schools, and toilets in public places. Studies of this have been done during the SARS outbreak first.

Our hands would touch the bathroom door handles, car doors, elevator buttons, the receiver, sheets or pieces of money, the surface of tables, chairs, and all who touched many people. From there the virus that has been contaminating everything you touch (by people with the flu) can move into our fingers.

People with flu should know better than to go around sneezing and coughing on the tendency of many people, other than duly diligent hand washing as well (because it would have held the nostril and mouth bervirus).

Another person close to the flu patient, speak, and threatened contamination of virus, need more frequent hand washing, and not just hold your nose (nose, clean nostril), or mouth. Get used to using a handkerchief or tissue, to clean the nostril or mouth. Through the second hole that's going cold virus enters the body, including the bird flu virus (avian influenzae).

7. Cleaning nostril every home traveling.
Yes, for travel outside the home, especially during an outbreak of flu season, there is almost no air is not contaminated flu virus, especially in environments that are flu patients. Almost certainly the air we breathe for outside the home, there is her flu virus. Included in the house when someone was sick with the flu.

Any case, much better if cleaned immediately with soap nostril, every time she came to travel, as he repeatedly with a vengeance to-breathe air blew his nose during cleaning. That way at least horde viruses that may already be there mengendon bounced out of the nostril before it nesting, and breeding.

8. Rinse his mouth and not lack of sleep.
The flu virus enters the body through the nostril and oral cavity. In addition to the nasal passages must be maintained clean, your mouth will need a solid defense. For more frequently it's good rinsing.

In addition to selecting steeping betel leaf (no power antisepsisnya), can also use a mouthwash that bought from the pharmacist. In this way we seek to get rid of germs that may have started to settle in the oral cavity, including where the incoming influenza virus.

In addition to gargling, brushing of teeth, especially before going to bed at night. Oral cavity is dirty also weaken resistance. Especially in those who already do not have tonsils (glands tonsilnya been removed), so the guards do not have the oral cavity from the threat of germs. Including those with his teeth are rotten, infected, and root rot his teeth. They are more vulnerable to infection oral cavity.

9. Do it as if breathing.
Yes, the durability of the body also needs more oxygen and more full. If breathing effort, namely by way of a sigh (in the open air) how deeply we can afford, and how long we can hold, will be more membugarkan lungs. The lungs are fit, the more rapid blood flow, and increased local immune system, will be more empowered to be able to get rid of germs.

To refine the result of a breath, accompanied also with adequate exercise and do physical exercises like walking. Physical stress factors, in addition to mental stress, also increase a person's body vulnerable to the flu virus. Excessive fatigue (due to work or physical exercise) is not recommended during flu season.

10. Enough sleep and not stay up.
The challenge now people are often tempted by the lure of so many television spectacle, entertainment, and activities together outside the home at the time interval.

One of the many threats that diseases happen because people now often lack the time lag. Already tired of the bustle during the day, often less time sleeping at night. Instead of nap time (like the first), nighttime sleep is often inadequate.

Conditions less lag, lack of sleep, and sleep soundly not (because of stress, too tired), which adds to the body vulnerable to attack viruses in general, flu viruses in particular.

When you begin to feel the body began to ache, dizzy head, the eyes feel hot, started sneezing and coughing is small, the possibility of early symptoms of flu. That's when the direct taking any brand of cold medicine, and sleep after eating soup or hot drinks. Usually the way it came off the flu.

However, the drug store did not put a halt to power trip when the flu was already heavy. Useless to continue to consume flu drugs only when the flu was more than a week, and the symptoms worse. Mucus which was originally clear viscous liquid has changed color, it means the flu has been ridden by other germs. This is the time for cold medicines need to be accompanied by antibiotics.

In an age of more and more entertainment midnight, try to not always follow your heart, even after the heart of the heart. Those who were suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, cancer) of "weaker" than normal people.

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